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Content is king and in today’s world, creating powerful, engaging media is vital to any organization’s success.
Linh Phan has over sixteen years experience in media production and has been running digital media storytelling workshops for over six years in Southeast Asia. She has been a speaker on digital storytelling at international public engagement conferences and at local public panels and talks.
We offer workshops in: 
  • Film Making
  • Photography
  • Audio stories
We also offer workshops focused on community  participatory methodologies such:
  • PhotoVoice
  • Digital Storytelling (DST).
These workshops are ideal for those wanting to learn how to create their own media for their communication, marketing, research, and sponsorship needs.
We collaborate with leading Vietnamese creatives and event companies in Saigon to offer unique, one of a kind creative workshops that you can integrate into your school programming or for your next corporate event.
From concept development through to completion, we work closely with our clients and teachers to ensure their messaging and themes are integrated flawlessly into the workshop programs.
Creative Workshops on Offer
  • Film Making
  • Photography (Digital & Analog)
  • Photostories
  • Audio Stories
  • Narrative Storytelling
  • Zine Making
  • Poster Making
  • Print Making
  • Stenciling
  • Street Art
  • Dance Movement
  • Cooking Classes
  • Guest speakers from the Creative Industry
  • Customised Workshops
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