Over the last 12 years, during the daytime, Linh Phan has been developing personal creative arts, culture and media projects, while at nighttime running DJs events and DJing throughout the city.  These are a selections of some of the diverse works she's been developing.

Here and There explores the experiences of Vietnamese refugees and immigrants through community generated digital media. This content, alongside other supporting media, is housed on a highly designed and interactive web platform, appealing to tech and culture savvy users.

The community content is created by the older generation (community participant) with their younger relative (community facilitator) facilitating the filmmaking process and the production of the final product. The community facilitator will attend a week-long training session to prepare them for the filmmaking process with the community participant.

Over the past few years, I have worked in Vietnam with various Vietnamese marginalised communities, helping them to create films about their lives and the struggles they face, using the digital storytelling method.  I have come to know this as a very powerful tool and using this method will help to shape the story from two different perspectives to create a unique story in the community participant’s own voice.

With a passion in music all her life, soon after she landed in Saigon, she began to DJ, promote and organize music events.  She played a pivotal role in the development the Saigon underground music scene, bringing in top international DJs such as Bottin, Rodion, Trus’Me, and Voodoo Frank.
Her parties are featured in the Lonely Planet Guide Vietnam and Southeast Asia as one of the “hippest club nights in Ho Chi Minh City”. She is an avid supporter of the creative community and frequently collaborates with other promoters and artists.

Take a listen here:
Vietnam Now is a collaboration between HERE AND THERE, SAIGON SUPERSOUND, LA CANTINE DU 56 and SONGS FROM SOUTHEAST ASIA. Vietnam Now is an international community, collaborative arts, music, film, and food festival showcasing a new Vietnam.
A generation of Vietnamese are exploring a different cultural, musical and artistic space of this S-shaped nation. This community event will introduce people to VIETNAM NOW - a representation and reflection of a new generation questioning and redefining diaspora and Vietnameseness.
In 2017 we ran two successful self funded events in London and Paris, with over 400 in attendance in total, which included collaborations with local creatives, showcasing their work - from photography to music to artwork to food. There were artist talks and film screenings of films from Vietnam, from experiemental films to documentaries exploring LGBTQI and transgenders issuses.